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Professional flatbed scannere for graphic and medical use.
Get slides scannere, graphic scannere or a scanner for x-rays or mammography films.
    Normal delivery time: 10 day(s)
    Microtek A1 Scanner LS-3800
    Product no.: 92671
    A1 Large Format Flatbed scanner for Prepress, Reproduction, Digital Archiving

    Microtek 's LS-3800 is a flat and large-format scanner which supports a scanning area up to 37" x 24", larger than DIN A1 and perfect for scanning large documents, such as color posters, architectural drawings, industrial and construction blueprints. Moreover, it is also fit to scan clothes, textiles, hanging charts, bounded books, fragile materials, fine arts, and other exquisite originals.
    • 26.907,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 10 day(s)
    Microtek ArtixScan 3200XL incl.TMA1600III
    Product no.: 92672
    The ArtixScan 3200XL, a prepress specialized scanner equips with 3200 dpi optical resolution CCD, tri-wavelength full color LED, A3 size absolute level scan bed, anti-dust design body, and professional image design software, is specifically designed to accomplish high-precision tasks of prepress industry.
    • 3.989,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 10 day(s)
    Microtek ArtixScan F2 Studio HDR
    Product no.: 92673
    Enhanced from ArtixScan F1, the ArtixScan F2 captures sharp, astonishing and detailed images more faster. With 4800-dpi optical CCD and the Auto Focus technology, it enables users to focus on a specific area on scanned reflective or films and to get more sharper image.
    • 1.964,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 10 day(s)
    Microtek Bio-1000F
    Product no.: 92675
    Gel Imager for EtBr-alternative stain with High Sensitivity

    Bio-1000F is an innovative, user-friendly, and cost-effective device that integrates image capture, gel preview, and gel extraction essential for routine nucleic acid gel electrophoresis. With the combination of high-sensitivity CCD system and Blue-LED illuminators, Bio-1000F is compatible with all EtBr-alternative fluorescent stain and provides the publication-quality image up to 0.008 ng/μl, significantly enhancing the fluorescent signal expression over other gel documentation systems dependent on UV and Blue-LED light sources.
    • 4.368,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 10 day(s)
    Microtek Bio-6000
    Product no.: 92676
    A3 Size Gel Scanner for Electrophoresis Gel, SDS-PAGE, Western Blotting, and biological sample either dry or wet

    Microtek 's Bio-6000, performing advanced application in biological laboratory, is perfectly designed for large image capture of dry or wet sample of electrophoresis gel, SDS-PAGE, western blotting, etc. It provides energy-saving LED light source without any warm-up time before carrying out the scan, which boots your productivity and reduces energy costs amazingly.
    • 3.158,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 10 day(s)
    Microtek Medi-7000
    Product no.: 92677
    High End X-Ray Digitizer
    7 Seconds per Chest X-Ray

    Microtek medical grade digitizer, the Medi-7000, can digitize X-Ray films rapidly in 7 seconds per chest X-Ray. With the advanced technology of the LED light source, the Medi-7000 can reach full brightness and on/off operation immediately.
    • 10.967,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 10 day(s)
    Microtek NDT Scanner MII 900+ Pro
    Product no.: 92680
    Microtek NDT/ RT Film Digitizing System is an all-in-one imaging solution developed exclusively for radiographic inspection industry. It easily transfers the industrial X-Ray film into digital images for storage and management and makes it convenient to view and share for the professionals.
    • 25.696,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 10 day(s)
    Microtek ScanMaker 1000XL plus Silver inkl. TMA
    Product no.: 92666
    Large A3-sized Scanner with Built-in Photo Reconstruction Technology

    ScanMaker 1000XL Plus is ideal for graphic designers, publishing companies, libraries, schools, small office/home office (SOHO) users and anyone that needs to scan A3 sized graphics and documents
    • 3.382,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 10 day(s)
    Microtek ScanMaker 9800XL plus HDR
    Product no.: 92667
    Professional Large A3-sized Graphic Scanner

    Microtek 's ScanMaker 9800XL Plus is a large format A3 scanner with superb and versatile functions specifically designed for the professionals who require exceptional image quality.
    • 1.994,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 10 day(s)
    Microtek Medi-1200 - Scanner til tandlæge røntgenbilleder
    Product no.: 7489
    Microtek medi-1200 is a high-speed scanner for fast and cost-effective digitisation of dental X-rays.
    Using the scan templates and software, this scanner allows you to automatically crop up to multiple x-rays in under 30 seconds.
    • 176,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 10 day(s)
    Microtek Medi-2200+ - Scanner til tandlæge røntgenbilleder
    Product no.: 7488
    Microtek medi-2200 is a professional scanner for dentists to digitise X-rays.
    With medi-2200 you can easily transfer old analogue X-rays to a digital format for easier handling.
    • 1.248,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 10 day(s)
    Microtek Medi-3200 - Mammografi film scanner
    Product no.: 7487
    Microtek medi-3200 is a professional scanner for digitizing Mammography films.
    With the medi-3200 you can digitise several different mammography films at once using the scanner's automatic cropping function.
    • 3.221,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 10 day(s)
    Microtek Medi-6000+ - Røntgenfilm scanner
    Product no.: 7486
    Microtek medi-6000 is a professional scanner for digitizing X-rays.
    Medi-6000 is designed to allow you to quickly and easily digitize old X-rays from the archive for the benefit of patients, hospitals, dentists, etc.
    • 8.566,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 10 day(s)
    Microtek ScanMaker 1000XL
    Product no.: 7491
    Microtek ScanMaker 1000XL is made for photographers, graphic artists and people in the graphics industry who demand high productivity from their scanner without compromising quality.
    • 3.929,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
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