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Benchtop Spectrophotometers

    Normal delivery time: 15 day(s)
    X-Rite Ci7500 Benchtop Spectrophotometer with 400nm UV filter
    Product no.: 102436
    Ci7500 The entry-level model in the Ci7000 series offers the latest color measurement technology and database compatibility. It can capture color and appearance simultaneously with specular included (SPIN/SCI) and specular excluded (SPEX/SCE) conditions on opaque samples. Video preview ensures the correct sample measurement area and when paired with Color iQC, archives an image of the measurement for a complete audit trail. The Ci7000 series is stable, reliable and easy to service to maximize productivity and uptime in any production environment.
    • 17.757,00  € 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Normal delivery time: 15 day(s)
    X-Rite MetaVue VS3200 Imaging 45/0 Spectro - European line cord
    Product no.: 102520
    MetaVue VS3200 is intuitive and easy to use with a retractable position-conscious sample holder that enhances the user experience and is easy to clean. It integrates with powerful X-Rite Color iMatch and Color iQC software for fast, accurate color formulation and efficient quality control. Customizable accessories include an instrument stand to position the instrument three inches above the table with interchangeable trays that slide in and out for easy measurement of pastes, powders, and liquids; an adjustable stand for precise measurement of samples with varying thickness; and a tabletop that converts the instrument into a tabletop with a sample arm for measuring objects such as plastic parts. Includes green check and calibration certificate. Use optional NetProfiler software to verify and optimize the instrument's performance.
    • 15.750,00  € 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Normal delivery time: 16 day(s)
    Product no.: 109655
    • 36.334,00  € 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
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