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    Product no.: 101708
    The color of a pearl can tell a story about the pearl itself - which region of the world it is from, what materials were used to create it, and what other pearls or pearl objects may be from its closest family. This book is the ideal resource for archaeologists and students to easily classify and compare pearls and their color characteristics around the world.

    The Munsell Bead Color Book features charts of the most common pearl colors, offering a portable guide for comparing pearl colors in the field. Ideally, use natural daylight against a white background, simply place the chart hole over a pearl's most representative color and compare it to the chart for quick identification. This is the affordable solution anywhere for people who want to understand the fascinating world and history of pearls and their hidden stories. It's how experts get a bead on their pearls!
    • 130,00  EUR 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Munsell Book of Color - Glossy
    Product no.: 101709
    The Glossy Collection is the definitive atlas of Munsell colors.

    The Color Brilliance Book contains a complete range of colors that make up a physical model of the Munsell Color Spectrum. The book includes a brief guide that explains the operation of the Munsell color system through simple graphics illustrating the placement of each color in the Munsell color spectrum.

    The Glossy Collection is the definitive atlas of Munsell colors. It contains over 1,600 removable high-gloss color samples presented on forty constant tone pages.

    Binding specifications: 9 cm single-ring notebook. 35 cm (L) x 10 cm (W) x 30 cm (H).
    • 1.461,00  EUR 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Munsell Book of Color - Matte
    Product no.: 101710
    Munsell Book of Color, Matte Edition is the master atlas for Munsell Colors. It encompasses the complete range of colors that make up the Munsell Colour Order System and is ideal for anyone working with color, from design to production, especially in industrial, scientific, and governmental applications. This book is conveniently assembled in a bound volume that is easy to navigate and includes a brief guide on how to use the Munsell color system. Clear, informative graphics help you understand exactly where a given color exists within the larger Munsell color space and how to correctly read Munsell color notations. This portable and durable guide allows you to match inspiring colors anywhere and communicate with others up and down the production chain.

    The Matte Collection contains over 1,600 removable color samples on 40 pages with consistent shading.
    A single 3.5" three-ring mask measures 13.75" (L) x 4" (W) x 11.75" (H).
    Glossy Edition sold separately.
    • 1.399,00  EUR 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Munsell Color Tree
    Product no.: 101697
    Munsell Color Tree is an attractive, three-dimensional model that makes it fun, easy, and informative to see how colors relate to each other. The model represents Munsell's three attributes of color: Hue, Value, and Chroma, to show how colors vary and change based on their different properties. All colors are mounted on ten clear plastic panels, revealing individual color samples, which colors are complementary to each other, and which colors are in the closest color family.

    The ten panels are arranged in a circle of Hue - what we traditionally think of as colors ranging from red to purple to blue to green to yellow and back to red. The tree then has ten levels up and down, representing Value - how light or dark a color appears. The base of the model represents pure black, and the top represents pure white.
    • 368,00  EUR 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Product no.: 101711
    Some colors scream, "Look at me!" Others are more subdued, muted. This is their story. With 1,200 individual chips with barely-there color, this is the ultimate reference for any place to communicate just a touch of color. The Munsell Nearly Neutral Book has a whole page of different shades of white and is available in a range of different finishes. With over 1,100 more subtle pastel colors, this collection serves a variety of uses, from art to design, packaging to product manufacturing, color specification to color quality control. If you need to talk about colors as subtle as a whisper, this is your go-to guide.
    • 1.164,00  EUR 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Munsell Neutral Value Scales - Glossy
    Product no.: 101701
    The Munsell Color Order System recognizes three attributes for color: Hue, Value, and Chroma, where Value is how light or dark a color is on a gray scale from black to white. The Munsell Neutral Value Scale is a 37-step gray scale fan with values ranging from 0.5/ to 9.5/ in quarter-step intervals. This is an important resource for instrument calibration, image testing, and use in reflection standards. Artists and designers can also use this scale to better understand value in their color work and communication.

    Color chips are 3" x 2 ¾" and include Munsell notations and percentage reflectance for CIE Illuminant C, printed on each neutral color card. This description refers to the glossy finish, but a matte finish is also available. Munsell Neutral Value Scales are the ideal tool for those who need to see and calibrate the world in shades of gray.
    • 115,00  EUR 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Munsell Neutral Value Scales - Matte
    Product no.: 101702
    When communicating color - visual or instrument color communication - Munsell's neutral gray scales will enhance color communication. Munsell neutral color charts can be used for instrumental calibration, image formation testing, or as reflection standards.

    Munsell Neutral Value Scale, also known as a Munsell Gray Scale or Neutral Color Chart, is a gray scale fan deck with values ranging from 0.5/ to 9.5/ in quarter-step intervals. Munsell notation and % reflectance for CIE Illuminant C are printed for each neutral color chart. Each neutral color chip is 3" x 2" x ¾" and the complete gray scale charts are available in glossy or matte versions.
    • 115,00  EUR 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Munsell Plant Tissue Color Book
    Product no.: 101703
    If you are a botanist or scientist, the Munsell Plant Tissue Color Charts in this book provide a quick and convenient method for identifying and communicating plant tissue color. The color of plant tissue can reveal a lot about what is happening in the surrounding ecosystem, including clues about the amount of light present, critical temperatures, and the soil's chemical composition - particularly whether important nutrients are lacking or missing. Plant tissue color can also provide information about the genetic origin of plants, the impact of toxic substances, or the presence of parasitic organisms.

    Munsell Plant Color Charts provide scientists, students, and plant breeders with the necessary information to address problems related to taxonomy, genetics, physiology, pathology, and plant nutrition. Included charts help you diagnose adverse conditions responsible for plant deterioration.
    • 331,00  EUR 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Munsell Rock Color Book
    Product no.: 101704
    Munsell's Rock Color Book provides durable, portable charts for accurately classifying and evaluating rock color samples in the field. These charts help geologists and archaeologists communicate colors more effectively by cross-referencing ISCC-NBS (Inter-Society Color Council-National Bureau of Standards) color names with unique Munsell alphanumeric color notations for rock color samples. The rock color chart here is revised from the previously published Geological Society of America (GSA) Rock Color Chart.

    Munsell Rock Color charts are sturdy enough to evaluate samples where you need them most - out in nature. The charts can be used to evaluate wet or dry rock color and are suitable for medium-sized, fine or coarse-grained rocks. Although your rock color chart is made to be cleaned and withstand harsh conditions, damage and fading may require periodic replacement. Remember, it's always better to use new charts for old rocks than the other way around!
    • 135,00  EUR 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Munsell Soil Color 2-pack
    Product no.: 101705
    Munsell's soil classification system has been the industry standard for over 60 years and has aided in the management and stewardship of our earth's natural resources. Munsell Soil Color Charts provide a quick and affordable way to assess soil types in a given area, with applications for a wide range of industries.

    This is a special package featuring the two most popular pages from the Munsell Soil Book of Color (7.5YR and 10YR pages). These two pages are included to assist with soil color classification and are designed to be identical to the pages already included in the Soil Book of Color. The cards are durable enough for field use in all the diverse environments where soil color is determined.
    • 68,00  EUR 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Munsell Soil Color Book
    Product no.: 101706
    Munsell's soil classification system has been the industry standard for over 60 years and has helped with the management and stewardship of our soil's natural resources. Munsell Soil Color Charts provide a quick and affordable way to assess soil types in a given area. The color charts in this book are portable and organized to allow for easy and accurate evaluations in the field.

    With Munsell Soil Color Charts, users from a wide range of professions can share reliable and consistent information about soil composition in one place with colleagues all over the world. The charts are essential for a variety of industries and are ideal for education (universities and high schools), forestry, forensic science, environmental and soil science, construction and contractors, landscaping, real estate, health departments, geology, archaeology, and more. Knowing the color of soil can identify its best current uses, as well as its history and perhaps even its future.
    • 261,00  EUR 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Pantone Farnsworth Munsell Scoring Software
    Product no.: 101699
    The Farnsworth-Munsell Hue Test Scoring Software includes user-friendly software available in multiple languages. Color cards and charts provide a quick determination of your color vision ability. For a more exhaustive analysis, the software includes a database to store the visual evaluation capacity of color for each individual.

    You can share data with other centers, with customers, and suppliers.

    The software is network-enabled, so whether you're managing your staff's color communication capacity internationally or conducting supplier color vision tests, your data is easily accessible through your LAN or WAN.
    • 207,00  EUR 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Pantone Farnsworth-Munsell Dichotomodus D15 Test
    Product no.: 101700
    Farnsworth-Munsell Dichotomous D-15 Test is a shortened version of the 100 Hue Test and is used only for screening color vision defects. The D-15 test identifies color vision deficiencies, such as red-green and blue-yellow blindness, as opposed to testing full color acuity. The test consists of a reference cap and 15 removable chips with incremental color variation, along with a set of scoring pads and test instructions.

    A tray with 15 removable color reference caps
    Scoring software is not included.
    • 223,00  EUR 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
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