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REA Barcode Verification

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    Normal delivery time: 15 day(s)
    REA Check ER - 1D stregkodeverifier
    Product no.: 8883
    REA Check ER is a small portable verifier, which opens up new tasks and markets in barcode verification.
    In its basic setup REA Check ER is very similar to a REA Scan Check 3, but has its limitations regarding code types and code sizes.
    It can for example only verify 1D barcodes in sizes up
    to 75 mm.
    • 1.980,00  € 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Normal delivery time: 15 day(s)
    REA Scan Check 3
    Product no.: 5154
    REA Scan Check 3 is the most used barcode verifier on the market when you need to test the quality of barcodes in plano format.
    The verifier has a fixed distance to the barcode, which makes it compliant with CEN/ANSI and the new GS1 standard.
    Scan Check 3 can be used in almost any environment and is operated by only two buttons.?
    The quality report can either be printed directly at each reading or delivered digitally for archiving in the job database.
    When digitally archiving the quality reports, the scans can be retrieved later and the search function can be used to search the contents of the individual barcodes.
    When using Scan Check 3 completely offline, the scans can be stored in the scanner's own memory, which has a capacity of up to 500 scans.
    • 4.100,00  € 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Normal delivery time: 15 day(s)
    REA VeriCube - 1D and 2D barcode verification
    Product no.: 10603
    REA VeriCube is the latest addition to the 1D & 2D barcode verification market.
    VeriCuben is designed after years of experience and customer feedback with the REA MLVand is the most versatile barcode verification instrument on the market.

    REA VeriCube can do barcode verification of both 1D and 2D barcodes on virtually any part and shape. Custom fixed fixtures can even be made for parts where the barcode is deep on the part.
    • 5.500,00  € 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Normal delivery time: 15 day(s)
    REA VeriMax
    Product no.: 93057
    REA VeriMax is a verification system for 1D barcodes and 2D matrix codes, specially designed for fully integrated installation in production lines. Due to its two operating modes, the REA VeriMax can be used individually in the production line according to the requirements: Either for manual random verification or as an inline verification system.
    The more complex the codes, the more complex the task for an inline code verification system. REA VeriMax can reliably verify up to five complex codes per second inline. If the codes are simplified in their complexity, the verification speed of REA VeriMax increases per second too.
    • 6.900,00  € 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    REA VeriMax Mobile
    Product no.: 102161
    REA VeriMax Mobile is a mobile offline code verification system for 1D and 2D codes. With its practical size of 12x12 cm and the possibility of mounting a tablet PC directly on the cube, it can be used wherever it is needed - production, laboratory, incoming goods or quality assurance. It checks 1D/2D codes for their readability and content accuracy directly on the spot - of course in accordance with norms, ISO standards, legal quality and user specifications.
    • 5.500,00  € 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Test barcode quality
    Product no.: 100493
    Validation and quality assurance of your barcodes.
    Ensure that what you do is correct in every way.
    We can also offer and produce the codes ourselves and can deliver this in Excel spreadsheet format.
    If it needs to be done as a label, we can also handle that type of task. Call for further arrangement.
    • 47,00  € 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Normal delivery time: 15 day(s)
    TransWin32 – Evaluation Software (without manual)
    Product no.: 92722
    The Transwin software is our central software where everything is stored automatically and superbly presented and can be set up for single presentation and the possibility of an individual setup.
    • 936,00  € 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Normal delivery time: 15 day(s)
    REA printer til REA Scan Check 3 samt REA CheckEr.
    Product no.: 92721
    The REA printer is the solution when you need to document that a code has been scanned, it gives on its small print a complete printout with time and date and of the CEN/Ansi grading with letter or number based grading ABCD F or 4321 0 and traditional evaluation is also printed out.
    • 768,00  € 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
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