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Tape dispensers

tesa Tapedispenseretesa Tape dispensers

    Normal delivery time: 2 day(s)
    Hand dispenser - tesa 6400
    Product no.: 5023
    tesa 6400 tape hand dispenser is our professional robust and ergonomically designed tape dispenser handle.
    It handle rolls up to 50 mm in width with simple cutting function, and built-in tension control that discourages even of rolling, highly effective.

    The handle is molded in rubber that provides a perfect and comfortable grip.

    The perfect solution for all types of packaging tape.

    - Very sturdy with stable metal frame
    - Retractable blade for safe use (accident proof)
    - Soft rubber handle provides secure and comfortable grip
    - Adjustable brake
    - Rubber roller for easy use

    The difference between tesa 6400 and tesa 6300 lies in the quality of the blade and that tesa 6400 is made with safety handle.
    • 19,00  € 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Normal delivery time: 4 day(s)
    Tapedispenser - tesa 6300
    Product no.: 5024
    tesa 6300 tape hand dispenser is our cheap hand dispenser in fine quality with a robust design and finely crafted handles.
    The tape dispenser handles rolls up to 50 mm in width with a fine cutting function, and built-in brake control that discourages self-unrolling effectively.

    - Robust metal frame
    - Covered blade for safe use (accident-proof)
    - Adjustable brake
    • 9,00  € 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
    Normal delivery time: 4 day(s)
    Tapedispenser - tesa 6012
    Product no.: 5021
    Table dispenser in heavy plate.
    Provided with 2 tape wheels, which can be used for 2 narrow or 1 wide tape roll.

    Roll size (L x W): 66 m x 6-25 mm
    • 29,00  € 
      ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee
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