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Photo paper for your Epson, Canon and HP printer

Here is a guide to finding the right photo paper or printer paper. Whether you need to print professional-quality images for display in your gallery, regular photos, posters or the like, here is some advice on how to find the right photo paper or print media.
Many people use photo paper as a term for several different types of paper, but we have tried to divide it according to the type of end product you need to print.
This guide is universal for all types of inkjet printers from Epson, Canon and HP. Ie. as long as your printer is with water-based ink, then this guide can be used. Whether it is a small sheet printer or a large format printer, our recommendations are the same.
When we talk about photo paper or just printer paper, one typically distinguishes between these types of assaults on the paper. The surface means a lot for the final expression of the print, so it is important to think about the surface when choosing paper.
  • Mat
  • Glossy (Luster)
  • Semi-gloss
  • High Glossy / Glossy

How to select paper

We often get questions about which types of paper to choose and can use in your printer. When you have an inkjet printer from eg Epson, Canon or HP, you can actually use all types of printer paper and media that are made for inkjet printing. At Grafisk-Handel you will only find paper and print media for inkjet, so you can choose here.

What are your recommendations?

Basically, it depends a lot on what you need to print and for what purpose it is to be used. Here is a small overview of the queries we get most often.

Posters - Paper for poster printing

Posters are most often printed on matte paper with a gram weight of about 180-220 grams. However, some also choose something a little more expensive paper with, for example, a glossy luster coating. Here you usually use ordinary photo paper such as Photo Luster or semi luster. If you want to make posters of higher quality, look under the section Fine Art, which can be found further down the page.

Photo Print - Photo paper for photo printing

When we talk about traditional photo printing as you know it from your photo shop, then it is most often what is called Luster paper. It has a semi-gloss surface. The good thing about luster paper is that it easily makes your colors stand out and make the image look nice. For photo paper, you typically choose paper with a gram weight between 250 and 320 grams. You can also use matte paper types as photo paper, but you will typically not do this for ordinary prints of eg holiday photos.

Fine Art - Photo and Art Posters and Prints?

If you want to make photo and art prints of the highest quality, then you need Fine Art paper. These are usually paper types that are acid-free and without or very little OBA content. Fine Art is a very special type of paper, where your print will be archival, so they can last for many years. Depending on the ink and paper type, it typically lasts 60-200 years under the correct conditions. Both Fine and glossy paper are used for Fine Art. Among artists and photographers, it is most often the matte paper types that are most popular, because in paper you can get more structure, which can give your prints a more exclusive look than a smooth glossy surface could.

Note! Fine Art paper is more sensitive than plain paper, so it requires more sensitive handling and processing.

Outdoor - Print for outdoor use?

If your printer is water-based, you can actually make prints that can be used outdoors for a shorter period of time. How long it can sit or be used depends on weather conditions. All it requires is that you use polypropylene print media. Polypropylene is a type of plastic that you can print on. Because it is plastic, it does not absorb moisture and water and can therefore be used outdoors.

Canvas ?

For canvas printing, you can go in two directions depending on which market it is to be used for. It is either production or Fine Art. Canvas for production is a little cheaper per. m2, while our Fine Art canvas is used to make art reproductions. Due to the folds that come with clamping, it is rarely made on printers that are smaller than 24 ”Canvas can therefore rather not be bought in sheet format.

Architect and CAD drawings

Line paper and CAD drawings are often some cheap paper around a 90-120 gram. It is matte paper, which is very cheap per. m2.

Goods advice for purchasing paper

Look at the m2 price
Often the price per. roll or pack, but that if you want to shop like the professionals, then you need to look at the m2 price. It is the best way to compare prices on paper of similar quality. At Grafisk-Handel, we have made it easy for the m2 price to be automatically calculated and displayed on the product.

Use a maximum of 3-5 different types of paper
Because you do not spend a lot of money in a large paper stock, we recommend that you stick to as few different types of paper as possible.
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