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Fashion + Home

Pantone Fashion + Home

Professional textile dye system from Pantone for fashion and interior design.
But the Fashion + Home series allows you to communicate colours between your designer, supplier and customers.
Pantone Fashion + Home consists of colour samples on cotton and paper.
The Pantone swatch typically used in the industry is Pantone F&H Color Guide which is on paper, but you can also get cotton swatches.
Pantone's Fashion + Home textile system contains more than 1900 Pantone colours and, with its chromatic structure, is the perfect tool for designers, buyers, retailers and manufacturers.
    Pantone Capsure + Color Guide
    Product no.: 101679
    • 897,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Pantone Chip Set
    Product no.: 101663
    • 2.618,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 1 day(s)
    Pantone F&H Color Guide - FHIP110A
    Product no.: 9166
    The FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Color Guide includes 2.625 PANTONE Colors on paper for designing fashion accessories, home furnishings, cosmetics, products, paints, interiors and more. The TPG colors are ideal for specifying colors on all products, i.e. textiles, leather goods, hard home.

    The Color Guide is chromatically arranged to enhance inspiration and speed the color process. The handy, take-along fan deck format makes it perfect for sample shopping, client meetings and on-site reviews. It's your complete, comprehensive color library in a compact format.
    • 211,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 1 day(s)
    Pantone F&H Color Specifier & Guide Set - FHIP230A
    Product no.: 9167
    315 New Colours just added! This convenient bundle combines portable colour inspiration for hard and soft goods, with perforated chips for sharing your selections. This set includes the Fashion, Home + Interiors (FHI) Color Guide as a versatile reference tool and the Color Specifier desktop reference with removable chips for palette development. Ideal for designers to communicate colour with clients and suppliers, both on the go and in the office.
    • 750,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 20 day(s)
    Pantone F&H cotton passport - FHIC200A
    Product no.: 9160
    315 New Colours just added! With this affordable, portable tool, you can bring all 2,625 Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors (FHI) Colours on cotton wherever creativity takes you next. The Cotton Passport is the perfect size and format for designers and students to reference for inspiration and visualisation anywhere-fabric stores, showrooms, client meetings, and mills. An easy way to quickly see and select from the full range of Pantone FHI Colours on cotton.
    • 545,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 20 day(s)
    Pantone F&H cotton planner - FHIC300A
    Product no.: 9161
    315 New Colours just added! View 2,625 market-driven Fashion, Home + Interiors System (FHI) colours in one compact desktop reference. The Pantone Cotton Planner is a handy workplace tool for designers and in-house colourists to visualise and specify Pantone Colours for textile, fashion, and interior design applications.
    • 1.073,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Pantone FHI Coated Color set
    Product no.: 101657
    • 278,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 10 day(s)
    PANTONE FHIP310N Metallic Shimmers Color Guide
    Product no.: 95922
    • 133,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Pantone Library
    Product no.: 101664
    • 8.078,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Pantone Nylon Brights Ring Set
    Product no.: 101665
    • 151,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Pantone Paper Traveler
    Product no.: 101653
    • 416,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Pantone Polyester Swatch Book
    Product no.: 101666
    • 849,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Pantone Specifier
    Product no.: 101655
    • 709,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
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