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Huion drawing boards

Experience digital drawing boards from Huion. These drawing boards are praised to the skies by various reviewers worldwide, and are a direct competitor to the world-renowned brand Wacom.
The drawing boards from Huion focus on being a value for money brand where you receive super good quality at a super reasonable price.


    Foldable Stand ST300
    Product no.: 101736
    Suitable for Kamvas Pro 12, Kamvas Pro 13, Kamvas 13, Kamvas 12, Kamvas 16 (2021)

    Foldable Stand ST300 is the perfect solution to make your work more comfortable and efficient. With dens practical foldable design, you can easily take it with you anywhere and use it as a portable workstation.
    • 68,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 8 day(s)
    Huion Kamvas 16 (2021)
    Product no.: 99517
    Be inspired by the colors of nature
    Each color discovered in nature tells a different story. Unleash your creativity, inspired by the colors of nature.
    • 372,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 8 day(s)
    Huion Kamvas 22 Plus
    Product no.: 99522
    Millions of colors shine before your eyes
    With the quantum-dot technology, the color scale in Kamvas 22 Plus reaches 140% sRGB and the contrast ratio reaches 1200:1, which helps to increase the color depth in your work. In addition, users can also enjoy a great picture presentation on this 21.5 inch screen as 16.7 million colors can be displayed naturally and vividly.
    • 445,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 8 day(s)
    Huion Kamvas 24 Plus
    Product no.: 99523
    A new level of clarity.
    With a 23.8-inch wide screen, Kamvas 24 Plus not only ensures a clear and sharp image presentation, but also prevents interrupted zooming in or out of the canvas.
    • 729,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 8 day(s)
    Huion Kamvas Cosmo Black  13
    Product no.: 99512
    The eye-catching design of the creative Kamvas 13 in Cosmo Black is a great drawing pad on a small screen.
    Kamvas 13 is 11.8mm ultra slim and weighs only 980g, making it easy to carry around for outdoor drawing.
    • 220,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 30 day(s)
    Huion Kamvas Pro 13 (2.5K)
    Product no.: 99516
    2.5K resolution and 16:10 screen for sharp and vivid images
    The 13.3-inch Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) with an IPS screen has a 2.5K (QHD+) resolution, of which the number of pixels per inch reaches 266 and it is able to present images crisply with delicate details. Compared to the traditional 16:9 screen, the width of this screen is 1.6 times its height, close to the golden ratio. Users can view more content at a time with an improved aspect ratio, thus improving user work efficiency.
    • 314,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 8 day(s)
    Huion Kamvas pro 16 (2.5) Cosmo Black
    Product no.: 100588
    2.5K makes everything look perfect
    2.5K QHD resolution and 15.8-inch IPS display together show even better pictures. Plus, 186PPI allows every detail to look clearer on this pen display.
    • 432,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 8 day(s)
    Huion Kamvas Pro 16 Plus (4K)
    Product no.: 99521
    4K images beyond your imagination.
    The screen on the Kamvas Pro 16 Plus(4K) has a resolution four times that of a Full (1080p) HD screen. With more than 8 million pixels crammed into this 15.6-inch screen, Kamvas Pro 16 Plus(4K) ensures fantastic image quality. Thanks to the contrast ratio of 1200:1, images also feel more immersive on this pen screen. Higher contrast ratios also help increase the color depth of images and provide better visual effects.
    • 769,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 8 day(s)
    Huion Kamvas Pro 24(4K)
    Product no.: 99524
    4K screen to expand your viewing experience.
    The screen of Kamvas Pro 24(4K) is as large as 23.8 inches, which allows users to split the screen like having two screens, thus ensuring a more efficient creation device. In addition, 4K UHD resolution improves the overall screen quality so that the image can be displayed more naturally and clearly.
    • 1.026,00  EUR 
      excl. VAT
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