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NCS -colour system

NCS-system originates from Sweden and is mainly used in painting.
So go to your local paint shop and all their colour swatches are built either directly or indirectly on the NCS-system.
NCS is based on colour theory and all the codes in the system are coordinates for the colour's location in the colour space. The
NCS fan contains 1,950 well-defined colours, each of which is displayed 2x5 cm in the fan.
The best-selling product is clearly NCS Index 1950 Original.
    Normal delivery time: 5 day(s)
    NCS Album
    Product no.: 92904
    The NCS Album presents all 1950 NCS Original Colours in a large format which offers one double page NCS ColourTriangle for each of the 40 hues of the NCS Colour Circles, together with a page of pure, tinted greys and Colour Masks.
    • 1.940,95  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 5 day(s)
    NCS Atlas
    Product no.: 92903
    The NCS Atlas presents all 1950 NCS Original colours in a clear, concise format, making it ideal for graphic design and architectural studios.
    • 410,54  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 5 day(s)
    NCS Block
    Product no.: 92905
    The NCS Block arranges all 1950 NCS Original colours into 'colour areas' which make the accurate selection and specification of colour as easy as it possibly can be.
    • 770,27  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 5 day(s)
    NCS Box 1950 Original
    Product no.: 92906
    The NCS Box presents one A6 sheet for each of all of the 1950 NCS Original colours, with concise index cards separating each hue with a clear coded notation.
    • 1.799,05  EUR 
      excl. VAT
    Normal delivery time: 1 day(s)
    NCS Index 1950 Original
    Product no.: 92902
    The NCS Index 1950 Original is a compact and durable fan deck which offers all 1950 of the NCS colours in a convenient, tabbed layout system.
    • 182,43  EUR 
      excl. VAT
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