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Welcome to Color Europe

We here at Color Europe have over 50 years of experience in the graphic industry, and are today present in 27 countries across Europe.
We are specialists in heatset, coldset, sheet offset, flexo, digital printing and printing and many more disciplines.
Our range today contains over 10.000 products that stretch across several areas.
We place great emphasis on educating our customers with the latest information from the industry as well as various tutorials and ways in which they can optimize their business.
Our mission has always been to deliver the best products on the market at low prices.

We always provide 100% free telephone support for our customers, which means that we are always ready to help with any issues or whatever the customer might need.
Today, we spend a lot of time on our customers, where we work together on possible growth opportunities for the customer, either in the form of increased profits or just general sparring.

At Color Europe, we have several world-renowned brands and products of top quality, but we also do our best to always be able to offer our customers cheaper alternatives if this better suits their needs.However, our goal is that customers should never compromise on quality when shopping with us.

We are official Epson Gold partner and Canon Premium partner.

  • REA Check ER - 1D stregkodeverifier
    REA Check ER is a small portable verifier, which opens up new tasks and markets in barcode verification.
    In its basic setup REA Check ER is very similar to a REA Scan Check 3, but has its limitations regarding code types and code sizes.
    It can for example only verify 1D barcodes in sizes up
    to 75 mm.
    1.980,00 € excl. VAT
  • Epson ColorWorks C7500 - For printing Matte labels
    TheEpson ColorWorks C7500 is an industrial 4-colour label printer, allowing you to produce high-quality labels in-house at a good production speed.
    You can print labels in 600x1200 dpi at a speed of 300 mm/sec.

    This ColorWorks C7500 model uses Epson DURABrite ink, which makes your prints highly durable.
    6.954,00 € excl. VAT
    • leasing
  • Pantone Color Bridge Set, Coated & Uncoated - GP6102B
    ThePantone Color Bridge set is primarily aimed at designers, graphic artists and printers who print or work with 4-colour printing.
    In this set you get two Pantone fans, as you get both a coated fan and an uncoated fan.
    Pantone Color Bridge The fans show each Pantone colour and how it will look printed in CMYK.
    CMYK is also called 4-colour printing, which will typically be the standard in offset or digital printing.
    369,00 € excl. VAT
  • Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6600, 60" Printer  -incl. stand and roll unit
    Canon imagePROGRAF Pro 6600 is a 60" (152.4 cm) large format printer with 12 colours.
    It is used for high-quality printing of photos and fine art prints.
    With Canon Pro 6600, you can produce images with high photographic print quality.
    10.810,00 € excl. VAT
  • Canon TC-20
    Meet the new Canon imagePROGRAF TC-20M. A small compact A1 printer with A4 scanner and with great performance and best-in-class print quality.
    It is in direct competition with the Epson T2100 and HP T230.
    It is extremely user-friendly thanks to the large software package that Canon offers for free with this model. With this printer you can make cheap and attractive high quality prints.
    The printer is easily refilled with ink bottles and as the only one in dens class, you can get nice prints on both matte and glossy paper.
    663,00 € excl. VAT
    • leasing
  • Perforerbånd for Offset, center, papir - 1,8 m rulle
    The back pressure cylinder is cleaned of oil and grease.
    Offset plates are produced with auxiliary points for perforating band positioning.
    An impression is taken on the impression cylinder.
    A suitable piece of perforating tape is cut off.
    The protective paper for the perforating tape adhesive is removed and the perforating tape is placed on the impression cylinder in the correct position for the auxiliary points and stuck in place.
    The tape provided is applied over the perforating tape.

    If the perforation is too strong, apply one or more layers of tape over the perforating tape. If the perforation is too weak, apply a strip of tesafix adhesive film under the perforation tape

    Size guide:
    3" = Gap 0.8 mm - Length of insert 7.7 mm
    6" = Gap 0.8 mm - Length of insert 3.53 mm
    8" = Gap 0.8 mm - Length of insert 2.48 mm
    12" = Gap 0.7 mm - Length of insert 1.42 mm
    16" = Gap 0.6 mm - Length of insert 0.90 mm
    21,00 € excl. VAT
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