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Paper formats and ICC profiles

We often get questions about paper formats and about ICC profiles in connection with printing.
That is why we have made this short review, which covers many of the questions we typically get.

Paper formats

When we sell and talk about paper in rolls and sheets, we rarely talk about their actual size in cm or mm, but instead we talk about inches for rolls and A-sizes for sheets.
Therefore, we have made a small overview, which shows the sizes when they are converted to cm and mm.
An important rule to remember when comparing prices on paper is that it is best to look at the m2 price.
The price of the roll can fluctuate according to how many meters there are on the roll, which can make it a little difficult to see through.
Therefore, always look at the m2 price. That is why we have also made m2 prices on all our paper types.
Format Size
13" 33 cm
17" 43,2 cm
24" 61 cm
36" 91,4 cm
42" 106,7 cm
44" 111,8 cm
50" 127 cm
60" 152,4 cm
64" 162,6 cm
Format Size (height x width)
A6 148,5 x 105 mm
A5 210 x 148,5 mm
A4 297 x 210 mm
A3 420 x 297 mm
A3+ 329 x 483 mm
A2 594 x 420 mm
A1 840 x 594 mm
A0 1188 x 840 mm

ICC profiles

When it comes to using ICC profiles, there are two different ways to do it.
  • Standard ICC profile - You can choose to use a standard profile from the paper manufacturer, which is also called a generic ICC profile.
  • Create your own ICC profile - It is also called creating a "Custom ICC profile"
Although our clear recommendation for professional users is always to make a Custom ICC profile for your printer, we know that in everyday life for example a photographer or print house is not always possible. Therefore, we have also made some links where you can find standard ICC profiles for the paper types we sell. If you want to make your own ICC profile, then you can use these instruments.

For professional use
For hobby and photography
Here you can find download links to the paper manufacturers' standard ICC profiles.


Hahnemühle is one of the few paper manufacturers to supply ICC profiles, which are of a very high quality as standard. You can find ICC profiles for both your Epson, Canon and HP printer here.

Many of Hahnemühle's paper types are Fine Art and if you have the opportunity, we recommend that you make your own ICC profile if you want to squeeze the most out of your printer and paper. This results in less difference between screen and printer, as well as some prints of the highest quality.


When you install your Epson printer, you get many of the Epson standard ICC profiles when installing the driver.
Epson standard profiles are known to be very limited in their color space, so by making your own ICC profiles you are able to get more out of your printer and paper.

Color Europe paper

For our own Color Europe paper, we have not made ready-made standard ICC profiles. It has chosen not to do because we want people to make their own profile to get the best looking print.


Like Hahnemühle, Canson is one of the major players in Fine Art printing.
Therefore, they have also made some good standard ICC profiles.
You can download them here.


EFI has standard ICC profiles for their photo and production paper, as well as individual proof media.
When we talk about proofs, a standard profile is not good enough, but should you still want to find standard profiles, then they can be found here.


ICC profiles for all Ilford paper types can be found here.


Like EFI, Tecco's ICC profiles can be downloaded here.
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