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About Color Europe

About Color Europe

Color Europe c/o Grafisk-Handel saw the light of day for the first time on 1/3 2007, and has since grown bigger and bigger.
The ambition with Color Europe is to create a common trading platform for information and purchasing of graphic products across the graphic industry.
The idea of ​​Color Europe arose when our owner Allan R. Broch sat with the idea of ​​entering new markets. In the beginning, the idea was to enter all the Scandinavian markets, but after we were quickly received well by customers, we also set course for the rest of Europe.
Today, Color Europe c/o Grafisk-Handel is behind the 2 brands Grafisk-Handel (in Scandinavia) and Color Europe (in the rest of Europe).
Color Europe c/o Grafisk-Handel has grown out of the Danish graphic design supplier called Grafiteco. Through that, we have more than 50 years of experience in the graphics industry.
Our goal is to provide professional knowledge along with attractive prices and we are often consulted by our customers about new projectors and product development.
We must have professional knowledge of all our products and be able to advise customers, even when problems arise. We see knowledge as an important competitive parameter.
We are constantly evolving, and both our market and products grow in line with the development in the market and the development of our customers.

Color Europe c/o Grafisk-Handel
Kærgårdsvej 1
2650 Hvidovre
Phone: +45 36 86 80 80
VAT no.: DK 27 39 12 14
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