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Canon TC-20

Canon TC-20
  • Varenr.: 102180-basket - Lev. nr.: 5816C003_B1
  • CanonPrinter
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Canon TC-20    
  • Price for this configuration1.278,00  €
    ex. VAT and environmental contribution fee

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Description of Canon TC-20

  • Meet the new Canon imagePROGRAF TC-20M. A small compact A1 printer with A4 scanner and with great performance and best-in-class print quality.
    It is in direct competition with the Epson T2100 and HP T230.
    It is extremely user-friendly thanks to the large software package that Canon offers for free with this model. With this printer you can make cheap and attractive prints in good quality.
    The printer is easily refilled with ink bottles and as the only one in dens class, you can get nice prints on both matte and glossy paper.

    Canon Made with your sustainability goals in mind, the TC-20M uses large 70 ml plastic ink bottles. The large ink bottles help reduce refill frequency and the total cost of ownership.
    It also uses less energy than similar models on the market. So whether you're in an office, working from home, retail store, workplace or school, don't let budget or space constraints hold back your creativity.

    The printer only accepts 2" rolls, so please contact us before choosing paper, as not all rolls will fit.

    Canon TheTC-20M is available in three different models:
    This is the standard Canon imagePROGRAF TC-20M, which is designed to stand on a table or shelf.
    With basket:
    The same as the standard model, but you get a small paper basket.
    It's the same as the Standard model, but you get a stand and basket so it can stand on the floor.

    How much does it cost to print:

    This is the question we get asked most often about printing. Because can it really pay off and print yourself or do you have to buy it out?
    Most often the answer will always be that there is a lot of money to be saved by printing yourself.

    Ink costs are this:
    - It costs approx. kr. 1,91 kr. to print an A1 line drawing
    - An A1 poster on 90g standard paper costs about DKK 10.86
    - An A1 poster on 140g coated paper costs about DKK 13.93

    * Prices are indicative and without paper or print media costs.

    Paper handling

    With Canon imagePROGRAF TC-20M you get a hybrid printer in the sense that you can print on both sheets and rolls in the same machine.
    You can print on rolls up to 61 cm in width, so you can easily make A1 prints and at the same time you can use the printer for printing typical office tasks such as; invoice, letters, flyers etc. in A3 and A4.

    Who is this printer suitable for:

    This printer is for customers who have a smaller printing need of about 10 A1 prints per week and 20-30 A4 prints.
    This could be craftsmen, designers, engineers, retail stores, schools, or colleges.
    Design-wise, it's also compact and stylish enough to be carried around the home office, where it fits easily on a desk or shelf.

    Software package

    We recommend you to use this software package.
    Canon Direct Print Plus - Control printing easily to your printer with their Drag and Drop software.
    Canon Poster Artist - Design and print easily e.g. posters, brochures, posters and menus.

    Canon DirectPrint Plus

    Canon Poster Artist
  • Canon Service

    When you buy a large format printer from Canon, we recommend that you buy an extra 3-, 4- or 5-years’ service plan (Easy Service). If you don’t buy a Service Plan with the printer there are no warranty if something should happen after you start to use the printer.

    A service plan gives you complete peace of mind regarding your printer.
    You should see the service plan as insurance and with that if you split it on a monthly base is very cheap.
    Probably the most important point in the agreement is that you get on-site service within a few working days, which means that an authorized technician will come to you the next working day.
    Overall, you can say that a service plan covers hours, driving and bits and pieces.
    However, the service plan does not cover consumables, i.e., ink, surplus cartridges, knifes and printheads.

    Advantages of taking a service plan
    • Help when needed
    • Techniques come out to you
    • Security for your production should problems arise with the printer.
    • Comprehensive coverage of the product – including all spare parts and labor

    You can find all the service plans as an add on product.

Delivery time

When it comes to delivery times across Europe, the shipping time from us to you varies slightly from country to country.
To find the shipping time to your destination, please see the list below.
This applies to products in stock only.

Austria - 3 working days
Belgium - 2 working days
Bulgaria - 5-6 working days
Croatia - 4 working days
Czech Republic - 2 working days
Estonia - 5-7 working days
Finland - 3-5 working days
France - 2-3 working days
Germany - 4-5 working days
Hungary - 2 working days
Ireland - 3-4 working days
Italy - 3-5 working days
Lithuania - 4-5 working days
Luxembourg - 2 working days
Latvia - 5-6 working days
Netherlands - 2 working days
Northern Ireland - 2-3 working days
Poland - 3 working days
Portugal - 4-5 working days
Romania - 4 working days
Scotland - 3 working days
Slovakia - 2-3 working days
Slovenia - 3 working days
Spain - 3 working days

The current stock status and expected delivery time of the product can always be found just above the “Add to Basket” button.
Please note: Delivery from a remote warehouse can take 1-3 extra days.


When it comes to shipping, we primarily use GLS, DPD, UPS, and FedEx. Our shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of the products, and the weight of all your products from the order will be added to the total weight of the order.

Delivery across Europe

We primarily use GLS for both our private and business deliveries. Some packages that do not come from our local warehouse are shipped with FedEx, DPD, or UPS.

Business deliveries (B2B)

Our freight solutions for business customers are as follows:
  • Business package with delivery between 8-16 at the address.

Private Deliveries

For our private customers, we offer:
  • Private package with delivery: Your package will be delivered between 8-16 at your address.
    In some countries, the parcel will be delivered at a Parcelshop if you are either not home or as a standard option.

Pallet freight.

When your orders become too large or the product takes up too much space for regular parcel delivery, we will ship your order on pallets. This typically applies to large format printers or orders with many rolls of paper.
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